Simran THG-2000T Step Up & Down Voltage Transformer Converter for 110V & 220/240V, 2000W

  • 2000 Watt heavy-duty continuous use transformer for use with 110 Volt or 220 Volt input power
  • Converts single phase 220/240 Volts down to 110/120 Volts or 110/120V up to 220/240 Volt
  • Compatible with both 50Hz and 60Hz.
  • One grounded universal outlet in front of the unit (accepts 3 or 2 prong plugs from most countries)
  • Hard wired with a European Shucko plug also good for Asian outlets. Free, US adapter included in the box.
  • Built-in fuse protection(2 extra Fuses included). Durable design with a heavy-duty cord. 
  • CE Certified