Voltage, frequency, and plug type vary in different countries across the world. Some countries have more than one voltage available. For example, in North America most sockets are attached to a 110 V supply, but there is a 240 V supply available for large appliances.

Europe and most other countries in the world use a voltage which is twice that of the US. It is between 220 and 240 volts, whereas in Japan and in most of the Americas the voltage is between 100 and 127 volts.

If you are a globe trotter, you must have realized that it’s a huge hassle to keep a medley of adapters, converters, and transformers just to make sure you can extract juice from the variety of plugs abroad.

With the chart provided below, we aim to offer our visitors with information on voltage systems for a large number of countries, to facilitate the selection of right products. 

The voltages listed here are the “nominal” figures reported to be in use at most residential or commercial sites in the country or area named. Most electrical power systems are prone to slight variations in voltage due to demand or other factors. The electric power frequency is shown in the number of hertz (cycles per second). All systems described here use alternating current (AC).

Where 110-220 is indicated, voltage varies depending on location within the country.

Finally, we've only included information that is likely to be relevant for travelers. Just about all the countries listed here have higher voltage lines available for heavy duty appliances (not to mention commercial or industrial applications).

Country TV System Voltage/FREQ. Plug Type
Afghanistan PAL-B 220 V/50Hz E
Albania PAL-B/G 220/50Hz B
Algeria PAL-B 127-220/50Hz B, E
American Samoa NTSC 120-220/60Hz A, B, C
Angola PAL-I 220/50Hz B
Anguilla NTSC 240/60Hz D
Antigua NTSC 220/60Hz D
Argentina PAL-N 220/50Hz B, C
Armenia SECAM-M 220/50Hz B
Aruba NTSC 115/60Hz A, B
Australia PAL-BG 220/50Hz C
Austria PAL-BG 220/50Hz B
Azerbaijan SECAM-M 220/50Hz B
Azores (Portuguese) PAL-B 220/50Hz B, E
Bahamas NTSC 12060Hz A
Bahrain PAL-B 220/50Hz D, E
Bali PAL 220/50Hz B
Bangladesh PAL-B 220/50Hz B, E
Barbados NTSC-M 115V/50Hz A
Belarus SECAM-D+K 220/50Hz B
Belgium PAL-BG 220/50Hz B
Belize BW-60 110/60Hz A
Benin SECAM-K 220/50Hz E
Bermuda NTSC 120/60Hz A
Bhutan PAL-B 220/50Hz B, D
Bolivia NTSC 110-220/ 50Hz A, B
Bosnia-Herzegovina PAL-BG 220/50Hz B
Botswana PAL-I 220/50Hz D, E
Brazil PAL-M 110-220/60Hz A, B
Bulgaria SECAM-D 220/50Hz B
Burkina Faso SECAM-K 220/50Hz B
Burma (Myanmar) NTSC 220/50Hz D, E
Burundi SECAM-K 220/50Hz B
Cambodia NTSC-M 110-220/ 50Hz A, B
Cameroon PAL-BG 220/50Hz B
Canada NTSC 120/60Hz A
Canary Islands Spain PAL-BG 220/50Hz B
Cape Verde Islands SECAM-M 220/50Hz B
Cayman Islands NTSC 120/60Hz A
Cen. African Rep. SECAM-K 220/50Hz B
Chad SECAM-K 220/50Hz B, E
Chile NTSC 220/50Hz B
China PAL-D 220/50Hz B, C
Columbia NTSC 110-220/60Hz A
Comoros SECAM-M 220/50Hz B
Congo SECAM-K 220/50Hz B
Costa Rica NTSC 120/60Hz A
Croatia PAL 220/50Hz B
Cuba NTSC 120/60Hz A
Curacao NTSC 110-120/50Hz A, B
Cyprus SECAM-BG 220/50Hz B, D
Czech Republic SECAM-DK 220/50Hz B
Denmark PAL-BG 220/50Hz B
Djibouti Dem. Reb. SECAM-K 220/50Hz B
Dominica NTSC 230/50Hz B, D
Dominican Republic NTSC 110/60Hz A
Ecuador NTSC 120/60Hz A
Egypt SECAM-B 220/50Hz B
El Slavador NTSC 115V/60Hz A
Equatorial Guinea SECAM-B 220/50Hz B
Eritrea PAL-B 220/50Hz B, E
Estonia SECAM-M 220/50Hz B
Ethopia PAL-B 220/50Hz B, E
Fiji PAL-B 220/50Hz C
Finland PAL-BG 220/50Hz B
France SECAM-L 220/50Hz B
Gabon SECAM-K 220/50Hz B
Gambia PAL-I 220/50Hz D
Georgia SECAM-M 220/50Hz B
Germany PAL-BG 220/50Hz B
Ghana PAL-B 220/50Hz B, D, E
Gibraltar PAL-B 220/50Hz D
Greece SECAM-B 220/50Hz B
Greenland NTSC 220/50Hz B
Grenadines NTSC 230/50Hz B, D, E
Guadeloupe SECAM 220/50Hz B
Guam NTSC 120/60Hz A
Guatemala NTSC 120/60Hz A
Guinea SECAM-K 220/50Hz B
Guyana SECAM-K 110/50-60Hz A
Haiti NTSC 110-220/50-60Hz A
Honduras NTSC 110/60Hz A
Hong Kong PAL-I 220/50Hz D, E
Hungary SECAM-DK 220/50Hz B
Iceland PAL-B 220/50Hz B
India PAL-B 220/50Hz B, E
Indonesia PAL-B 220/50Hz D, E
Israel PAL-B 230/50Hz B
Italy PAL-BG 230/50Hz B
Ivory Coast SECAM-K 220/50Hz B
Jamaica NTSC 110/50Hz A
Japan NTSC-M 100/50-60Hz A
Jordan PAL-B 220/50Hz B, D
Kazakhstan SECAM-M 220/50Hz B
Kenya PAL-B 220/50Hz B, D, E
B, D, E SECAM-M 220/5Hz B
Korea NTSC-M 220/60Hz A, B
Kuwait PAL-B 220/50Hz B, D, E
Laos PAL-M 220/50Hz A, B
Latvia SECAM/PAL-D+K 220/50Hz B
Lebanon SECAM-B 110-220/50Hz B
Lesotho PAL-I 220/50Hz B, E
Liberia PAL-B 120 V/60Hz A, D
Libya SECAM-B 127-220/50Hz B, E
Liechtenstein PAL 220/50Hz B
Lithuania SECAM-M 220/50Hz B
Luxemborg PAL-BG+SECAM-BG/L 220/50Hz B
Macao PAL 220/50Hz B, E
Macedonia PAL 220/50Hz B
Madagascar SECAM-K 220/50Hz B
Madeira (Portuguese) PAL-B 220/50Hz B
Malawi PAL-BG 220/50Hz D
Malaysia PAL-B 220/50Hz D
Maldives PAL-B 220/50Hz A
Mali SECAM-K 220/50Hz B
Malta PAL-B 220/50Hz D
Martinique SECAM 220/50Hz B
Mauritania SECAM-K 220/50Hz B
Mauritius SECAM-B 220/50Hz B, D, E
Maynmar (Burma) NTSC 230/50Hz D, E
Mexico NTSC 120/60Hz A
Moldova SECAM-M 220/50Hz A
Monaco PAL-G/SECAM-L 220/50Hz B
Mongolia SECAM-D 220/50Hz B
Morocco SECAM-B 220/50Hz B, E
Mozambique PAL-l 220/50Hz B
Namibia PAL-I 220/50Hz E
Nepal PAL-BG 220/50Hz B, E
Netherlands Netherlands 220/50Hz B
Netherlands Antilles NTSC 120-220/50-60Hz B
New Caledonia SECAM-K 220/50Hz B
New Zealand PAL-B 220/50Hz C
Nicaragua NTSC 120/60Hz A
Niger SECAM-K 220/50Hz B
Nigeria PAL-B 220/50Hz D, E
Norway PAL-BG 220/50Hz B
Oman PAL-BG 220/50Hz D, E
Pakistan PAL-B 220/50Hz B, E
Panama NTSC 110/60Hz A
Papua New Guinea PAL-BG 240V/50Hz C
Paraguay PAL-N 220/50Hz B
Peru NTSC 110-220/50-60Hz A, B
Phillippines NTSC 115V/60Hz A, B
Poland SECAM-DK 220/50Hz B
Portugal PAL-BG 220/50Hz B, E
Puerto Rico NTSC 120V/60Hz A
Qatar PAL-B 220/50Hz D, E
Romania PAL-DK 220/50Hz B
Russian Federation SECAM-DK 220/50Hz D, E
Senegal SECAM-M 220/50Hz B
Seychelles PAL-BG 220/50Hz D, E
Sierra Leone PAL-BG 220/50Hz D, E
Singapore PAL-B 220/50Hz B, D, E
Slovak Republic SECAM-M 220/50Hz B
Slovenia PAL 220/50Hz C, D
Solomon Islands PAL-B/G 220/50Hz C, D
Somalia PAL-B 220/50Hz B
South Africa PAL-l 220/50Hz E
Spain PAL-BG 220/50Hz B
Sri Lanka PAL-B 230/50Hz E
St. Kitts-Nevis NTSC 220/60Hz B
St. Lucia NTSC 240/50Hz D
St. Vincent NTSC 230/50Hz D
Sudan PAL-B 240/50Hz B, D
Surinam NTSC 110-220/60Hz A, B
Swaziland PAL-BG 220/50Hz E
Sweden PAL-BG 220/50Hz B
Switzerland PAL-BG 220/50Hz B
Syria SECAM-B 220/50Hz B
Tahiti SECAM-DK 220/50Hz A, B
Taiwan NTSC 110/60Hz A
Tajikistan SECAM-M 220/50Hz B
Tanzania PAL-l 220/50Hz D, E
Thailand PAL-B 220/50Hz A, B
Togo SECAM-K 220/50Hz B, E
Tonga BW-50 110-220/50Hz A, C
Trinidad & Tobago NTSC 115-220/60Hz A, D
Tunisia SECAM-B 220/50Hz B
Turkey PAL-B 220/50Hz B
Turkmenistan SECAM-M 220/50Hz B
Uganda PAL-B 220/50Hz C
Ukraine SECAM-M 220/50Hz B
United Arab Emirates PAL-BG 220/50Hz B
United Kingdom PAL-l 220/50Hz D
United States of America NTSC 120V/60Hz A
Upper Volta BW-50/SECAM-K1 240/50Hz D, E
Uruguay PAL-N 220/50Hz B
Uzbekistan SECAM-M 220/50Hz B
Venezuela NTSC 120V/60Hz A
Vietnam PAL-BG 120-220/50Hz A, B
Virgin Islands NTSC 120/60Hz A
Western Samoa PAL-B/NTSC 230/50Hz C
Yemen NTSC 230/50Hz A, B
Yemen, Arab Republic PAL-B 220/50Hz B
Yugoslavia PAL-B 220/50Hz NB
Zaire SECAM-K 220/50Hz B, E
Zambia PAL-B 220/50Hz B, D
Zimbabwe PAL-B 220/50Hz D, E

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