August 10, 2016

How do I choose the right transformer?

When you travel from a 110 volt country (like USA) with your 110 volt devices to a  220 volt country (like Europe, Africa Asia etc), You will need a Step Down Transformer or a Converter.
If you travel from a 220 volt country (Europe/Asia) to a 110 volt country like USA, you will need a Step Up Transformer or a Converter.
Also, there are Step UP/Down Transformers and converters available that work both as Step Up and Step Down. You will find a wide variety of Step Up/down Transformers and converters on our website  Ranging from 50 watt to 20,000 watts, these transformers enable the use of your electric devices anywhere in the world.
Remember to leave at least a 100% margin for power surges/spike when buying a transformer. Some items, such as televisions and computer monitors spike when you turn them on. For these products you need to buy a voltage converter transformer that is at least 3 times the items capacity. For power tools, laser printers and heating appliances like coffee makers, toasters, microwaves, lasers, halogen or fluorescent bulbs you must leave a margin of 4 times. It doesn't hurt to buy a transformer that is rated much higher than listed watts on your device.

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