VM3 Worldwide Voltage Converter / Adapter Kit for Use In 220V/240V Countries

  • Weight : 2 lbs
  • Dimension : 4" x 5.5" x 2.75"
  • World-wide Foreign Travel Converter Kit
  • Converts 220V to 110V
  • For use of American products overseas.
  • 50/1600 Watts
  • Provides for your foreign electrical traveling needs in most foreign countries.
  • This kit is for domestic appliances whose rating is 50 watts - 1600 watts.
  • 50 watts is designed for iPod chargers, phone chargers, battery chargers, shavers, razors,electric tooth brushes, answering machine devices, tape recorders, calculators, cassette radios, etc.
  • 1600 watts is designed for some heating-type appliances such as hair dryers up-to 1600 watts, curlers, small heating pads, electric blankets, food/bottle warmers, etc.
  • Do not use this converter for kitchen appliances like blenders, coffee makers, microwaves, etc. or vacuum cleaners, hair straighteners and power tools etc. (Step Down Transformers would be required for these appliances)

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