Simran VSR-5000 Deluxe Voltage Regulator with Built-In Transformer Converter for 110V-240V Conversion, 5000W

  • Dimensions: 12.5 x 12 x 7 inches
  • Weight:  45 Lbs
  • 5000 Watt two-way step up down voltage transformer with built-in voltage Regulator/stabilizer. Converts 110/120 volt to 220/240 V and 220 volts to 110/120 volt
  • It can regulate big range fluctuating input voltage from AC 75V-130V or 180V-260V to output voltage: AC 110v+-3% or ac220v+-3%
  • Works with only Single Phase 220/240 Volt 
  • Two Universal 220V outlet accepts plugs from any country except the big South African Plug. Three 110V outlets accept 3 or 2 prong US plugs and 2 prong Euro/Asian plugs
  • Compatible with 50Hz/60Hz
  • Circuit breaker and metal casing with carrying handle. Remember to leave at least 100% margin for power surges/spike when buying a transformer. For tools, printers and heating leave a margin of 3-4 times