LG-DP842H All Multi Region Free HDMI DVD Player 1080p Up-Scaling with USB Plus Direct Recording & Playback PAL NTSC, Remote, Black

  • Bring the cinema experience home with this LG DVD player. It features full HD up-scaling that matches lower resolution video content with the native, thus resulting in unmatched performance
  • Multi Format Playback including PAL and NTSC DVDs from any region (0-9) and any country
  • USB DIRECT RECORDING/PLAYBACK: Your viewing is smoother than ever with the USB Recording feature, the picture comes to life becoming more natural and vibrant
  • It features advanced DivX HD video playback, watch DVD videos in high resolution by HDMI connected to your personal TV. It can upscale SD video signals up to 1080p output
  • USB Plus, Progressive scan and Parental control