UP400 Universal Multi-nation International Travel Plug Adapter

Foreign Plug Travel Adapters

If you intend to travel offshore along, it is time you get the foreign plug adapters? It will ensure you are able to use all the appliances with least of hassles. We offer the most technically advanced power conversion solutions that will add convenience to your visit. Find foreign travel adapters ofrom the leading manufacturers with us.

Weight : 0.5 lb

Dimension : NA

  • New all in one Multi-Nation AC Universal Travel Plug Adapter for Worldwise use.
  • Modifies outlets to fit different plugs - with Surge Protection and Built in Safety Shutters.
  • Power rating: 100V-240V and 2.5A max.
  • Supports over 150 Countries.
  • Please note - It is just a plug adapter. It does not Convert Voltage.

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